Winona Ryder, Another Johnny Depp Ally, Comes Forward. But Who Will Fight for Amber Heard?

Ryder is the latest in a long line of Depp associates to discuss how seems out of character for him. But all these narratives are drowning out the one that are important. “>

In a Time interview published on Monday, Winona Ryder offered her supposes on the abuse allegations that have been leveled against her former boyfriend of three years, .

Ryder, who started dating the actor in 1990, was tellingly asked to comment by a reporter whose editor “d kill me” if I had you here and didnt ask you about the recent accusations. The Reality Bites superstar, who was 17 when the relationship began, insisted that it was a very, very long time ago. She continued, I can only speak from my own experience, which was wildly different than what is being said. I entail, he was never, never that style towards me. Never abusive at all towards me. I only know him as a really good, loving, caring guy who is very, very protective of the person or persons that he loves.

While the 90 s icon repeatedly should be pointed out that she could only speak to her own experiencecareful wording allowing for the fact that two women can have vastly different interactions with the same manher lengthy reaction is already being reduced to another defense of the accused.

The medias clear intention to tally up the experiences of Depps exes, and to confuse he didnt do it to me with he didnt do it, is hardly unbiased. Relaying the stories of women like Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis imparted an undeserved premise of innocence. The narrative has been one of bolstering a defense, of fact-findingas if you need to have a history of abuse to be an abuser, or as if a victims witnes( let alone pictures of her bruised face) arent proof enough.

Boiling this case down to a list of exes and allies who support Depp and/ or dont believe his ex-wife, , is anything but fair coverage. In an effort to report every facet of the tale, Heards gruesome accusation that, During the totality of our relationship, Johnny has been verbally and physically abusive to me has been buried under the victim-blaming rhetoric of Depp advocates, many of whom are literally on the movie stars payroll.

This story shouldnt be about Heards bisexuality, unless its to draw attention to the fact that bi females are at a far greater hazard of experiencing intimate partner violence than their straight equivalents. It shouldnt be about how great of an ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp is, or how much his daughter loves himalthough, if we insist on this approach, lets talk about how Depp spent a few hours in jail after get into a hotel room brawl with then-girlfriend Kate Moss, and has a history of being jealous beyond words .

If were going to talk about something other than the actual facts of the case, or Amber Heards narrative in her own terms, then lets talk about our shared culpability in a culture of victim-blaming. Instead of simply being shocked and outraged when the Brock Turners of the world dont get their comeuppance, lets talking here how our refusal to treat allegations with good faith means that victims often feel like theyre the ones being penalise. Lets talk about the myth of false accusations, and the fact that one in four women will be victims of severe violence by an intimate partner in their lifetimes. Instead of drumming up a defense that fails to actually exonerate another famous human, lets consider that merely 25 percent of physical assaults perpetrated against females are reported to the police. And why would they come forward, given the cold reception that Amber Heard, an unbelievably privileged, famous white girl, received?

Even if they did speak up, would we hear them?

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