Why Relationship-Hoppers Like Kylie Jenner Shouldn’t Be Trusted

Unless you’ve been living under a stone, you know that and recentlyended their two-year long relationship. The breakup was supposedlya long time going; Tyga was being shady AF, leaving Kylie no option but toend it.

Then, like 2 weeks later, there were reports that Kylie was spotted out grabbing sushi and being all cutesy with longtime friend and R& B artist PartyNextDoor.A source toldThe Sun on the current situation, telling, Their relationship started quite suddenly, but it just feels right. The source went on to say that the two are mad for one another, and speaks for Kylie, saying that she’s unsure why she wasted period with Tyga.”

Damn. That’s quite a statement. Either style, though, you have to admit that Ms. Jenner sure moves on quickly.

I am not a fan of the Kardashians( aside from my girl crush on Kourtney, that is ). I am also not a fan of the serial monogamist: members of the public who hops from one relationship to another without leaving any real time in between to hang out alone.I don’t trust these relationship-hoppers.

Someone once told me that if you can’t be by yourself, then you sure as hell can’t be with someone else.I tend to mentally spiral whenever I’m alone, so those weren’t really words I wanted to hear, but the latter are wise.By depending on someone else for happiness, you’re really screwing yourself over. You never know if or when that person will just get up and leave you, forcing you to wallow in your newfound, lonely sadness.

So, by hopping from Tyga straight into the arms of PND, Kylie is low-key playing the role of acodependent relationship partner. She’s the girl who needs someone to need her in order to feel any sense of self-worth. And we all know there’s a huge difference between being codependent and being in love.

From the outside, it looks like Kylie must not have been that in love with Tyga, or else she’d be mourning the loss hardcore. True heartbreak is crippling . She physically, emotionally and psychologically wouldn’t be allowed to hang with another person just yet if she were that bent up about it. Well, either that, or she was so in love with him that the only style she knows how to move on is to immerse herself entirely in someone else.

Codependent people are afraid to be on their own since they are don’t especially like themselves. They’re untrustworthy because without a moral code to really call their own, they can’t even trust themselves.

It supposedlytakes the average person at the least half the time theydated someone to get over that person. So technically, if Kylie dated Tyga for two years, she should be single for roughly a year to get back to her old self. If she doesn’t go across that rite of passage, she’s going to end up pouring all her hurt, aggressivenes and frustration onto PartyNextDoor, or the guy after that, or the guy after that , making her past with Tyga seem like a burden to anyone she chooses. … Unless PartyNextDoor is just a rebound/ hook-up/ temporary distraction from Tyga, in which suit my theory doesn’t hold. Sometimes, a gal just needs a good ol’ meaningless bangto mended her heartache. I get that. But people, please , let yourself heal before hoping to heal in the arms of someone else. Don’t pull a Kylie.

Tyga seems to be focusing on himself. I respect that. Say what you will about Tyga — he’s unapologetic as a lyricist and has questionable parenting methods — but to my knowledge, he isn’t “mad” for everyone. This past Monday, he tweeted: “Single. Focused. Blessed. Living Life.”

Good for you, Tyga.Good for you.

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