Who Are You Calling Old?

Talk about exciting!

Talk about fun!

Talk about the talk going on inside my head!

For several weeks, it sounded something like this:

My daughter is having a baby!
How awesome!
I’m so excited!
I’m going to be a grandmother.
But I don’t feel like a grandmother.
What does a grandmother feel like, Lisa?

Beware. This is the point where the talk got kind of crazy. So imagine it continuing in the “grandmothers are old” direction, complete with aches, pains, and moving slowly. Yuck, it was depressing just to listen to. On and on it rambled about me going down a road I don’t want to visit, let alone live on.

The baby was not even born yet and there I was telling myself that her birth was the beginning of my downfall.

Thankfully, I had some help figuring it out. If left unchecked, sooner or later that story was destined to have me feeling like the old grandmother I was imagining. Definitely not what this young lady wants!

Will Smith’s own grandmother gave him some brilliant advice on life and I have to say, from what I see Will doing with his life, her advice works.

So I’ve decided to listen to Will’s grandmother on this one:

Grandmother feels like I say it feels.

Grandmother feels energized… playing and laughing with kids.

Grandmother feels proud… being the support team while parents call the shots.

Grandmother feels wise… knowing when to speak and when to simply listen.

Grandmother feels grateful… for the young, vibrant energy surrounding her.

Grandmother feels beautiful… because she still prioritizes her own health and fitness.

Grandmother feels excited… to watch her own kids and their kids create lives that feel like they want to feel.

It’s really the story that matters. We don’t have to buy into the ones that feel depressing. We get to decide. We can ditch the ones that drag us down. And listen to Will’s grandmother.

I love how my new story makes me feel and I’m ready to do this!

It’s been 41 weeks now, Baby Isla Rose… let’s get this party started!

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