We’re not equipping reality starrings for internet reputation. That must change

( CNN) Stars of reality dating proves become our constant companions during the weeks and months they grace our screens.

The suicide deaths of two former “Love Island” contestants, Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon, in the past year have prompted fellow contestants to speak out about the show’s toll on their mental health. Their experiences point to an alarming gap in the care received by reality television starrings once they exit the show.
The genre of reality television has evolved since it came to mainstream prominence in the early 2000 s — and so too has the specific characteristics of fame. Notoriety and the internet are now closely intertwined. Follower countings are not only one of the primary metrics for gauging a level of fame — but one incorrect move online can cancel a career overnight. Irrespective of one’s renown( or absence thereof ), social media and mental health are also now inextricably tethered — and not for the better.

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