Tyga Probably Cheated On Kylie Jenner( Again)

If you were still hanging on to any hope that Kylie Jenners boyfriend Tyga isnt a scumbag, weve got another nail in the coffin for you. Hes now being dragged into another possible cheating scandal, which isnt the first. This time, its a woman named Tiffani( the stripper spelling ), who lives in Brisbane, Australia. Tyga was in township the coming week for a display, and Tiffani says he sent his contact info over social media and invited her to expend the night at his hotel.

Tiffani and some friends gone over and hung out in the hotel room, but theyre not actually allowed to talk about what happened there, because Tyga stimulated them all sign nondisclosure agreements. Were not experts on legal scenarios, but if your boyfriend makes another woman sign an NDA about their time together, things likely arent appearing so good.

Tyga hasnt responded to these accusations, but tbh what he tells doesnt matter that much. Kylie, youre merely 18, and thats style too young to determine. Find a man who doesnt want to cheat on your fish lips, and stick with him. For the love of God, stop squander your time with this trash.

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