Tomi Lahren: I’m not a ‘Trump cheerleader’

Tomi Lahren, who has defined the social media world ablaze with her controversial postures on political and social issues, is taking on a new role.

The 24 -year-old conservative, who was bumped from her demonstrate on The Blaze in March after she revealed that she is pro-choice during a guest appearance on The View, lately settled her suit with her former employer. Now she will be lending her voice to Great America Alliance, a nonprofit whose goal is to build on the success of having generated the most effective 21 st century grassroots machine and turning that powerful infrastructure in support of President Trump’s agenda.

But Lahren wants to say clearly that this is not a full-time gig, and she is not going to be a mouthpiece for Trump.

I am helping the group with grassroots outreach, particularly through social media, she told Fox News in an email. My voice is powerful for the movement and I’m happy to use it to promote an agenda I believe in. This isn’t about being a Trump cheerleader, this is about the Silent Majority and stimulating sure we have a voice. It is not a full-time chore. This is simply a side passion project for me.


Lahren wrote that she will continue to consider other career opportunities.

I have a few pathways open for me, she told. I am blessed to now have the freedom to choose the best fit. I haven’t chose what’s next but I can assure you, I’m not “re going away”. I will be illuminating up your phone and television screen just as I’ve always done.


Lahren, who has 711,000 adherents on Twitter, said her legal battle with The Blaze was “about standing my ground and defending my voice.”

I’m not one to fall back into the corner and put my fate in someone else’s hands. I tend to believe anyone in my posture would do the same thing.

I’m not worried about receiving another job, she said. A network did not construct me and therefore a network cannot transgress me. It’s also encouraging to watch my home Final Thoughts pull in millions of views on Facebook. Times are surely changing. I know if I remain true to myself and stick to my firearms, I will never fail myself.

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