This Woman Had 6 Ribs Removed So She Could Look Like Jessica Rabbit

In case you didn’t already know, there’s a real-life version of Jessica Rabbit. Her name is PixeeFox.

She’s received attention from the media for her crazy surgeries, like permanent eye implants, as well as three nose jobs. At 26, the “body modification artist” has undergone over 18 surgeries, which have expensed her over $130 k.

Her most notable surgery involved having six ribs removed in order to achieve a 16 -inch waist. Fox wears a waist trainer all day long, except when she rains and goes to the gym.

When people tell her she looks like a cartoon, she takes it as a compliment.

On her blog, she writes,

A lot of people think I am trying to be a Barbie doll, but if you have read my narrative, you know that my my inspiration comes from fantasy cartoons. I am trying to capture the sort of exaggerated proportions of feminine beauty you see in Holli Would or Jessica Rabbit.

Fox, who used to be an electrician, recently turned to the doctors of “Botched”to see if they would devote her butt implants for an even more curvaceous physique.

The doctors rejected because of the sheer quantity of surgeries she’s already had. Medically, it’s not safe. But she’s not giving up.

She’s already put herself at risk of a collapsed lung, pneumonia, nerve damage and heavy scarring by get ribs removed. Medical dangers plainly don’t scare her away.

Look, some people want rock-solid abs, some want Kylie Jenner brows…

And some simply want to look like Tinker Bell.

Whenever Fox hears about a new type of surgery, she has to try it.

And that’s exactly what happened when she got her eye coloring changed. She flew all the way to India simply to check it out. Duringher eye implant surgery, she also got her vision corrected, so it wasn’t altogether cosmetic.Hey, if you’re gunning for a different eye coloring, why not only fix everything at once, amirite?

Honestly, I can’t judge. No, I’ve never had plastic surgery — but I flew all the way to Thailand simply to try authentic mango sticky rice. That’s basically the same thing, right? If not, don’t tell me otherwise. Let both of us live our truth.

Her eyes definitely look cartoony now.

In one of her many Tv appearances, Foxsays she loved her body before the rib removal and Brazilian butt lift.She’s not get plastic surgeries because she cares about how she appears to other people, she simply wants that cartoonish, huge boob, tiny waist, big butt look.

Sure, beauty standards set by female cartoon characters like Jessica Rabbit are unrealistic, but they’re not impossible.

Of course, simply because anything is possible doesn’t mean we should all go out and get ribs removed. If I wanted a cartoon body, I’d rather simply live vicariously through Fox.

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