This is the worst design ever for a condom wrapper

It seems like a great idea. Custom built condom wrappers that promote consent. But here’s the thing, when it comes to things like permission and sexual assault, it’s probably best to avoid being clever and only get the message out there or, if you absolutely have to make a gag, make sure what you’re saying is clear. Take a quick look at this condom.

Did you consider” Go further without consent ?” Yeah, so did the rest of us. A Reddit user posted this after they were handed the condom during their college’s safe sex campaign. Now, before you get too offended go back and read it again with the donut as part of the sentence. That’s right” Donut go further without consent “.

Dear. Sweet. Jesus.

” It took me a minute to actually get that the donut was supposed to be part of the sentence ,” one commenter posted on Reddit” but even after the pun clicked, I merely have so many more the issue of the brainstorming process behind this. How did they arrive at this final product? It’s so, so terrible that it’s utterly fascinating .”

The condom comes from a company called ” Say it with a Condom” which has an entire line of” permission condoms .” Most of which do a style better undertaking of making their point.

screengrab via Say it with a Condom

Although this one seems a little bit ambiguous.

Screengrab via Say it with a Condom

To say the least, people were not impressed with the condom’s design.

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The product has now been removed from the company’s online store, but you might be surprised to hear they claim to have test marketed it before releasing it.

“We went through our normal checks and balances with this design.” CEO and founder Benjamin Sherman told Us Weekly ” Whenever we create a new campaign we send it out to universities and domestic violence cases shelters for feedback and we didn’t receive any negative feedback. If we’re not given the green light, we redesign or simply choose a different tagline.”

How everybody managed to miss this problem is a mystery that they are able never be fully explained.

The bottom line is that consent and safe sex are no laughing matter.

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