This Is Likely What Jay Z’s Response Album To ‘Lemonade’ Would Look Like

Jay Z is rumored to be making a answer album to Lemonade .

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rockon one of Saturn’s moons, you’ve at the least heard of Beyonc’s album and HBO movie Lemonade .

But for the three of you out there who have been too busywatching “Murder, She Wrote”( this is the only thing that is enthralling enough to distract a reasonable person ), Beyonc made a whole( spectacular) record about how Jay Z cheated on her. Well, the album is about a lot of things, but that’s one of the things that rings loud and clear. It’s a giant, musical masterpiece F* CK YOU( with some solving at the end ).

No information has, as of yet, been released considering Jay Z’s response album, but I thought I’d make some predictions. And yes, if any of these come true, I expect to be paid by Tidal.

First of all, if the album isn’t titled The Lemons or Lemons , Jay Z got to find a new career.

As for the way listing, I’ve made a mockup of all the most likely song titles.

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