The Kardashians Are Over Rob& Chyna, Join The Club

In case you havent noticed by now, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are perfectly terrible for each other. After Chyna left Rob over the weekend, cleaning out the whole house in one of the most psycho moves weve ever seen, theyre apparently back together and acting like nothing ever happened. Thankfully, Robs family is finally over it.

Sources are saying that members of the Kardashian family are trying to convince Rob that he deserves better than Chyna, and that shes clearly just use him to get fame and fund out of the Kardashian name. Unsurprisingly, Rob is having a hard time seeing this. Hes always been a little bit delusional about daughters( cough ADRIENNE ), but this shit with Chyna is only get ridiculous.

The whole family is actually ready to be done with Chynaso like, same. She clearly like, loathes Rob, which is funny because everybody detests her. It sucks that theres a baby in the equation now, but theres literally no reason these two sociopaths should stay together. Kim, perhaps you need to come back to Instagram to plead with your friend, then hell see how important this is.

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