The Kardashians Are Get Sued Over Instagram Posts Again

The Kardashians’ lawyer better get paid a shit ton of fund. First off, he’s on the Kardashian payroll and they’re building like, seven figures a selfie at this point. So spread the love. And second, he’s a busy fucking dude. From Khloe’s DUI to divorces to the epic Kimye/ TSwift conflict, the Kardashian clan is literally always in some sort of legal conflict. Well now they might be in hot water for not clearly labeling their Insta posts that they’re getting paid for. Just add it the fucking list.

Basically, the Federal Trade Commission has super specific guidelines as to how you’re supposed to label blogs and posts when you’re making money off it. Sure, anyone with a brain knows don’t simply sit around doing teatoxes all fucking day, but like, they have to say it just in case. If not, it’s considered “deceptive marketing, ” which is apparently a federal offense. I guess you can never underestimate how stupid people are.

Okay, but like, doesn’t everyone do this? Like ex-Bachelor contestants and Real Housewives with their hair vitamins and shakes and whatnot? I haven’t find one of them set #ad on shit and no one is calling for their heads. This is clearly simply a group of haters being petty AF. Leave the alone!

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