The Jonas Brothers Are Loving Your Winter Storm Jonas Memes

As induces it style up the East Coast, some savvy Internet dwellers have capitalise on the famous human friends with whom the snowfall ogre shares a name.

Cue: Winter Storm Jonas Friend memes.

Very importantly, Nick, Joe and Kevin are loving it 😛 TAGEND

Joe tweeted a pic of his head on the body of Elsa from “Frozen”( editor’s warning: could frighten/ confuse the children !!):

While Kevin Jonas shared a pic of himself as a snowman( slightly safer for the children ):

Budding cinema star , currently at Sundance with cinema “Goat, ” kept it classy with a lil’ tweet( fine for the children cause they can’t READ !!!):

If you’re feeling too, too icy, just imagine you’re casually hangingwith Nick Jonas in St. Barts back in December. They seem warm.

And now, for good measure, a Weezer meme 😛 TAGEND

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