Taylor Swift Wasn’t Nominated For A Single VMA And Twitter Is Really Pissed

It looks like MTV may have just opted a side in the Kimye-Taylor Swift conflict after all.

When the network announced the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards nominees, Taylor Swift’s name was nowhere find work.

This is a pretty big deal. After all, the legendary feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West was first triggered back in 2009 at the VMAs.

Let’s freshen your memory, shall we?

As a result of the announcement, Beyonc earned a career-high 11 nominations for “Lemonade.”

Even Adele came away with sevennominations for her hit single “Hello.”

But 26 -year-old Taylor Swift ? ZERO nominations.

Keep in intellect, T Swift had 10 nominations for “Bad Blood” last year. But it seems likepeopledon’t want to see Taylor Swift win this time around.

As a result of the news, Twitter went utterly ballistic as Swift’s supporters and haters disclosed their thoughts on the singer’s VMA snub.

Twitter didn’t hold back after news violated that Taylor Swift wasn’t nominated for anything at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

No, seriously. None for Taylor.

Some fans merely can’t even believe it.

“How ?!?! ”

I’ll be honest, if I’m Taylor Swift, I’m taking it personally.

People realized Kanye West got nominated and Taylor didn’t.

Let the speculation begin.

Even Pokmon Go players took a jab.

Taylor Swift fans will be surprised in a whole new style this time around, that’s for sure!

We’ll simply have to wait and insure where this goes, guys.

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