Taylor Swift Is Proof That Relationship Hopping Never Works

Taylor. Taylor. TAY-LOR.

With the news of Hiddleswift ending, one this has become painfully clear about Ms. Swift: Sheis, in fact, a relationship hopper.

Lets take a quick run-through some of hermost noteworthy relationships, shall we?

October 2010 January 2011: Taylor dates Jake Gyllenhaal .

July October 2012: Taylor dates Conor Kenedy .

December 2012 January 2013: Taylor dates Harry Styles .

March 2015 June 2016: Taylor dates Calvin Harris .

June September 2016: Taylor dates Tom Hiddleston .

Now, I knowIve said it before. ButIll say it again so Taylor can hear me: Y ou cannot heal the wounds created by person or persons by immediately filling them with someone else .

I know theres that whole get over someone by get under person new breakup advice heard around the world. But I think that advice recommendsyousleep with person new once and thats it.

You know, so you canforget the route the old dude felt inside of you.And also, to remind yourself that your mojoisnt gone forever.

Relationship-hopping, though, is a different story. After a breakup with someone you genuinely loved, you cantturn around and learn from, give yourself to and say I love you to someone else without it seeming, kind of half-assed.

The I love you with someone new becomes diluted and feelings emptier than itdid with the guy whobroke your heart. Hell, you might not even mean it when you say it to him, whether you know it or not.

You may even find that the ache from your last relationship that youve been trying so hard to forget will come rising right back to the surface through battles about the same problems with your new guy( old habits die hard !). Plus, that pain could even reach twice as hard sinceyou havent dedicated yourself is high time to heal.

How else can relationship-hopping bedetrimental? It can build you codependent.In other terms, when we always have someone by our side, its too easy to forget how to do things on our own.

Not to mention, when you expend your life going from guy to guy, you cant assist but play the compare game comparing and contrasting guys fromthe past toones in your present and future.

SoDONTtake cues from Taylor by replacing your Calvin with a Tom. You have got to be single for a while to figure your shit out and discover the answers to the following: Why didnt the previous relationship work? How can you choose a better partner for younext time? How can you grow as a person in the interim?

Being single sucks sometimes .I know. Being single can feel like your life is falling apart or like no one loves you, when there are other women out there being showered with affection whohave someone to do everything with.But being single is necessary to figuring out what makes you so special.

Taylor, youll never find the one if youre just looking for someone to fill those lonely moments. My post-Tom hopes for youinclude writing new music, touring, getting back on yourfans good side( some of us detest her right now, intellect you ).

Finally, Id like for her and for you, if youve just gotten out of a relationship to stay single during this post-breakup stage and remember whatever it is you love to do.

Then, I want you to do it.

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