Taylor Swift Got Dumped By Calvin Harris, We All Know What That Entails

Whelp, Im not one to say I told you so( yes I fucking amI saying I told you so because it means that Im right and youre wrong and I love being right more than I love drunk eating pizza) but, considering two already ridiculously shitty things have happened this year( Justin Biebers face tattoo, Courtney Stodden rendering spawn) and bad things come in threes, here we are: Nicegirl Taylor Swift and the title of her next album Calvin Harris have broken up because OF COURSE THEY HAVE. According toCalvin was the one who dumped Taylor, so we all know what that means.

Taylor Swift has made an entire career of dating hot celebrities, extol how perfect their~ love~ is, and then attaining it seem like all men are evil when genuinely her ballads should just be titled with different reasons why they broke up with her. I swear, Blank Space is the only honest song she has and thats just because shes singing about how shes a fucking psycho, but shrug. Do we really believe Jake Gyllenhaal, fucking 35 -year-old Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal, begged a girl whos( almost) as vexing as to pretty, pretty please get back together with her? All I hear when I listen to T-Swifts sungs are how delusional she is and that couldnt maybe have changed in the little over one year she dated .

Whatever. Its period she learns from her blunders. Dont run sobbing about it to your squad, Taylor. Take a Soul Cycle class, stop dressing like a weird goth version of yourself( youre not hardcore ), and write another album already, because Im fucking sick of hearing that you won yet another awarding for a record that came out in 2014. In other terms, pick your head up dude. As you already know, there are plenty of fish in the sea. As in, you know 😛 TAGEND

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