Sorry ‘Bachelor’ Fans, Grace Is Over

Remember how getting a tattoo of a significant other’s name is always a fucking terrible notion? Well, if you needed further proof, Grant Kemp( Hot Squidward) and Lace Morris have split.

OK, so technically the two didn’t get each other’s names tattooed but they did each get the word “Grace” tattooed, their couple name, which is almost worse. Too bad they got the tattoos on national television or they could feign they were just feeling genuinely #blessed and got the tattoo to signify that instead of their shitty failed relationship.

The two got engaged on the season finale of. Lace tells that the split was reciprocal and that they both have things they need to work on. Oh, genuinely? The relationship you formed on a Bachelor spin-off wasn’t rock solid? What a shock.

The couple has appeared in a few episodes of and seemed actually kind of normal and happy together. They even beat Ben and Lauren at their own weird therapy version of The Newlywed Game.

The couple says they might have a future together in the future, but, as for now, Lace got the fuck out of their shared apartment and moved from San Francisco back to Denver. Yeah, that does not sound like how you go about mending a relationship, but whatever.

Like Harambe and Fidel Castro, Grace couldn’t make it to the end of 2016. RIP.

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