Shop Fall’s Best Varsity-Inspired Pieces From Gucci, Prada, and More

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Nostalgia is a powerful thing—especially in the fashion world. You may have noticed that designers are obsessed with the past;’s Sarah Mower even posited that designers have a “25 year rule” for looking back to mine another era. But no matter what year it is or what’s trending, most of us have vivid memories of one time in particular: high school. Not only is it a pivotal moment in young adulthood, but it’s also when we really start to hone our own personal style—no doubt with a few missteps along the way. This writer remembers exactly what she wore for the first day of freshman year, right down to the flats, earrings, and brand of graphic tee (it was Abercrombie Kids). Of course, it doesn’t get more “high school” than a plaid skirt, loafers, and a varsity jacket like the one your secret mathlete crush slung over his shoulder. (Cue the Gilmore Girls and Clueless references!)

Even if you didn’t actually wear those items, it’s easier than ever to fake like you did, courtesy of the classic prep that’s been making a comeback thanks to Gucci, Prada, and Coach 1941. Get the look with our favorite Fall pieces in the slideshow above—then spend the weekend digging for those headbands and cardigans you forgot about.



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