Royal doody: What Prince Harry can teach us about modern fatherhood

It is possible to read a lot into the medias handling of news that the prince has been on nappy duty. But how does he are comparable to other famous fathers?

Nobody thought it possible, but it has finally happened: a man has changed a nappy. In undeniable proof that the British royal family was chosen and anointed by God, royal sources proven that Prince Harry has attended to the nappies of his young son Archie.

This is big, epoch-defining news, which explains why it constructed the front page of the Sunday Times and has elsewhere been reported as a” royal REVEAL “. If the breathless media reporting is anything to go by, you would think that it was a scientifically demonstrated fact that men absence the complex motor skills necessary to wipe a baby’s backside and then fasten two pieces of Velcro-style adhesive.

Sources added that Harry is determined to share the parental load” utterly equally “. The report was published shortly after he left his wife and newborn to fly to the Netherlands to attend the launch of the fifth Invictus Games. In fairness, it’s for a good cause, and in fairness people are also going to accuse the Duchess of Sussex of abandoning her baby when she goes back to work, whether that’s next week or five years from now.

First-time mothers can feel bewildered by the logistics of fastening a fiddly device on to a tiny newborn. And by changing a nappy, Harry has at least leapfrogged other famous fathers who rejected the job, such as Jacob Rees-Mogg (” I wouldn’t do it properly “ ), Simon Cowell( ” It’s like watching your girlfriend go to the loo “ ), Kevin Hart (” I’m around when the diaper is being changed, which induces me a part of the process …”~ ATAGEND, although it seems he has since had a change of heart) and Russell Brand (” I’m very, very focused on the mystical connotations of Mabel’s beauty and grace “).

Mind you, plenty of other famous fathers have been able to work out the wizardry of a nappy; we know this because they love to overstate their enjoyment of changing nappies. David Beckham once claimed that it was ” one of[ his] passions “. Chris Martin said that it is” mentally cleansing “. And now Prince Harry has joined the club. Now he too can enjoy scrubbing diarrhoea from an impractically coloured rug.

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