Remote hover board Smart Balance Electric Scooter Skateboard for adults two wheels self balancing scooter With Remote free bag


  SCHEDULE Dear customers, kindly note Aliexpress estimated time is just this, and estimation and comes by default, sellers we can not change this. Shipping Items with Big Lithium batteri

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shipping delivery


Dear clients, kindly notice Aliexpress estimated time is simply this, and estimation and springs through default, sellers we cannot alternate this.

Shipping Objects with Big Lithium batteries from China through aircargo Curriers like DHL/Fedex/UPS is nothing convenient for strict rules, so delivery regularly delays.

In ordinary conditions predict this time table after delivery:

  • From China: 10-15 working days (NO weekends or holidays protected)
  • From Local: 5-7 working days 


Note: Shipping from China the tracking quantity may take one week or extra to begin working after label is created. The cause: It’s an native tracking quantity, not Chinese language, and it wants AmericaFedex % it up from their agent’s warehouse after succefully imported.

UPS/Fedex they don’t wish to expose their personal planes for dangerous unhealthy caliber scooters than some unhealthy dealers do, this yr some planes obtained fired for a similar cause, (so never purchase the most cost-effective ones) so they use brokers to export and import.

Thanks in advance on your figuring out and cooperation ^^


When you get your parcel, pls ought to have a examine your equipment. If parcel damaged, please refuse to signal the parcel. Then please contact us freely. Thank you on your cooperation!

With it,you can wayward during the streets.
–No issues for parking.
–Low-Carbon and Eco-friendly transportation.
–A finest present for babies or chums, bring extra enjoyment for them.

Charger :
–We have three distinct plug for the differnet nations(US/ UK/ EU). please depart a message to inform us the adpater that you need,if now not,we will ship it out rely upon the addresser’s nation.Thank you!
The comercial bill:
–we will delare the price of the scooter is one hundred usd , if you’ve special requirement, please join with us, we will alternate it as the .


FIRE AWARE: Some bad dealers had been promoting these scooters for very affordable below 230 usd free delivery. Many of them use domestic made accessories with out certification. They fake the certification via PhotoShop, use excellent packing and put false stickers.

Cheap edition of scooters brake convenient an within the worst case burn in hearth. So never purchase the most cost-effective ones because they will be the most costly. Keep protected.

Price says all of it.


Please Use commonplace experience with use Scooter. Bump it  may cause it to brake.
Consider you are riding a pc now not a Wooden skateboard! So please be extra cautious! and:
  • Don’t velocity.
  • Use Helmet and extra insurance plan
  • Don’t let small kids use it
  • Keep it out of humid enviroment.
Read Guide consumer, overlook warnings might also cause harm in your device and grave accidents in your physique.
Have your scooters you deserve to examine everything similar to you examine how to ride a motorcycle. So please be a responsible purchaser and:
1. Study how to Journey it: Before journey it watch tutorials in youtube
2. Study Basic Maintanance: Watch Tutorial in Youtube about the way to make Calibration, Reconnect cables and put sensors again into vicinity.
If you don’t wish to cope with Maintanance then these scooters aren’t for you!
Avoid troubles to yourself!


What’s within the equipment?

  • FULL Capacity Lithium-ion battery 36V four.4Ah
  • NO Import Taxes USA and 28 nations of Ecu only.
  • Newest upgrated design and mom board for sensible rading
  • Max. Speed 10-12km/hr (20% more than older fashions)
  • Your own country Charger! (UK, USA, EU, OR AU PLUG Accessible)
Max. Rider Weight ninety~120kg
Wheels measurement: 6.5 inches
Charging time 1-2 hrs (don’t over cost)
Turnaround: 360
Package Includes:
1x Premium Scooter + Remote handle + Free Raise Bag + Charger Adaptor




Samsung Battery

If you need an customary ultra excessive efficiency SAMSUNG battery which you can ask for it and we can add it for 25usd more, JUST when you vicinity order:

1. Add a message announcing: I need Customary Samsung battery for ultra efficiency, change expense to 25usd extra.

2. Stop in the fee

3. Go to "My Orders", you will see your unpaid order #

4. Contact us along with your order # then we will modify expense to you. Easy ^^




Our prices encompass already import taxes for United states of america and Ecu * Except NL

Other nations might also you pay some taxes


This is a low profit merchandise.
So you have huge saving in comparison with native branded scooters 2 or three instances more costly.
So our warranty is restricted ***
For the particularity of mild know-how on your toes we advocate you excessive care of your scooter.
Use commonplace experience, it’s such as you drop or bump tough your cell phone then if it has complications no person will exchange for you or supply refund, right?
*** We only cowl manufacturing unit defects on start (first journey)

No abused device or with fails after used through days should be lined.


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Additional information


Two Wheels

Brand Name

Self Balance Scooter

Frame Material


Range per Power

10 – 30 km

Power Supply

Lithium Battery

Voltage of Battery


Max Speed



351 – 500w


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