Handmade thai silver natural lapis lazuli 925 pure silver white crystal buddha head fashion vintage bracelet Women

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absolute is herbal ‘s ! natural cloth ( avoid cannot flaws oh , may the existence venus , driblet white , pitheads or , mine traces , don’t belongs to quality difficulty , mind lady legalism in pat ! )

support do for identification and certificates ‘s ! ( pro be aware if is synthetic lapis lazuli processing is out cannot certificates ‘s )

many professional to ask previous the shopkeeper , have no lazing huge bead bracelet ,

the shopkeeper additionally very favourite lazing , hoarded numerous lazing earrings ,

for their personal small selenous , from hong kong to the conclusion of smack-dab in the got here a batch of dillies lazing cloth , thereupon have farinaceous design !

buddha pendant is a herbal white crystal , naked eye cannot see impurity !

two years lazing more scorching , price of higher and better , therefore just like the year depart a unmistakable absolute ,

Brahma * even grams such treasure of high high-quality All out lazing collection , visible lazing allure .

this pair of bracelet is also cautiously chosen lazing , each pearl lapis lazuli ca 12mm * 16mm round ,

imperial blue within the , basic white none , driblet sprinkle venus , in plus measurement lazing are very rare high-quality !

this high-quality and measurement ‘s lazing single in the marketplace 200 + nearly buryed , welcome to do everyone distinction !

925 delivered pure silver , the rate is wheeled can charge rate , with a remarks , huh ! leave the shopkeeper deepest paragraph , ultra excessive xingjiabi !

the shopkeeper keep macao a tax-free chatted this ‘s an identical paragraph appears deceptived gold bracelet , renminbi 4000 + ! !

pictures of total no longer to take this part lazing elegance to , physical truly greater than image thefeeling more eye-catching !

: thai silver herbal lapis lazuli

baby necessities : lapis lazuli measurement of about 1.6 * 1.3cm crystal buddha head measurement 1.5 * 1.5cm about ( suitable for hand of confining thirteen-17cm )

: 925 pure silver thai silver / 925 + natural lapis lazuli

: packaging container + silver polish material

: antique retro completing + handmade

: baby wants you chariness cherish , please don’t wear assortment correctly , prevent cracked kepeng , bath swimming activities when beneath  


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