Nick Jonas Reportedly Has Another ‘Beautiful Connection’ With This Woman

Nick Jonas, you are a player.

Just days after admitting he and Kate Hudson had a beautiful connect( Jonas code for doin the nasty ), its been reported the singer is dating actress Lily Collins.

According to Us Weekly, the pair wasfirst spotted together bowling in Los Angeles last month( how cute !), and lately, they ventured to Californias Mammoth Mountain for some fun in the sunlight err, snow.

According to a source,

Nick really likes Lily.[ Hes] single and having fun. Right now its not exclusive.

Good for the JoBro, butit seems like Lily hasnt told her family much about her new boy doll at least not dad Phil Collins.

Collins told The Insider With Yahoo !,

Im not sure what Nick looks like. But Lily called me the other day and she was in Mammoth where all this was happening. Im here with a friend, she told me.

Oh, the drama. Maintaining up with Hollywood relationships is so exhausting.

Stay tuned to see if these friends officially come out as more than friends.

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