Nandos Honour Stormzy With His Own #Merky Burger

Stormzy- rapper and grime artist- lately suggested an addition to Nandos’ menu .

Grilled halloumi cheese, sandwiched between garlic bread. To be honest, we can’t believe we hadn’t thought of it already.

Realising that they were missing a trick, simply a day later Nandos replied to Stormzy, disclosing that they’d put his #Merky burger on the menu.

“Grilled Halloumi Cheese, served in a tasty toasted Portuguese Roll with garlic and a touch of chilli”. Sounds pretty good to us! We were all ready to rushed down to our local Nandos, and order one up…

Imagine our consternation when we learnt that this menu is a “mocked-up image”, and Nandos won’t actually be introducing the #Merky burger after all…

“But customers can order all the ingredients and make it themselves.”

We weren’t the only ones who had got excited 😛 TAGEND

We’ll definitely be knocking one together the next time we’re at Nandos.

Do you have an idea for a burger that should be added to Nandos’ menu? Let us know in the comments !

Image Credits: Mr Porter, The Mirror

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