Mila Kunis And Jimmy Fallon Are All Of Us On A Tinder Date

Mila Kunis and Jimmy Fallon eventually find a good utilizefor those filters on Photo Booth other than a MySpace profile picture.

When the 32 -year-old actress to halt “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday to promote her upcoming movie “Bad Moms, ” Jimmy and Mila used those filters for a segment called “Filtered Scenes.”

The two pulled out some iPads, fired up their face-distorting filters andimprovised some random scenes via the iPad camera.

Their first scene to improvise was “Two people on a Tinder date, ” and I’d tell Mila and Jimmy sufficiently summed up the feeling of the experience.

At one point, Mila Kunis just starts screaming, which I imagine would also be my reaction on a Tinder date.

Next, they tackle “Old college roommates at a 10 -year class reunion, ” which goes about as well as the Tinder date.

Finally, they portray “Long-lost twins eventually satisfying, ” which, again, is like 60 percentage screaming, and 40 percentage Mila Kunis just repeating whatever Jimmy Fallon says.

Even though Jimmy tries to give Mila as much assistance as he can, it’s pretty clear Mila Kunis does not have a background in improv.

That’s OK, Mila. You’ve still done pretty well for yourself.

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