Michael Douglas tells Oliver Stone slammed him for bad acting

Michael Douglas has revealed that legendary director Oliver Stone was less than impressed with his acting when they were filming “Wall Street.”

Stone originally wanted Richard Gere to play Gordan Gekko in the 1987 flick but eventually settled on Douglas despite being advised not to hire the actor.

Stone blasted Douglas for not being able to act when they were filming a scene in the back of a limo where Gekko boasts about the size of his fortune to Bud Fox[ played by ].

Oliver said, How are you feeling? Douglas recalled in an interview with Sunday People.

I tell, Oliver, I thought it was pretty good. Oliver wanted simply a little more indignation. And I went to township after that, I worked my ass off.

Douglas went on to win the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the .

You look back at Oliver Stoness career Jimmy Woods in ‘El Salvador, ‘ Charlie Sheen in ‘Platoon, ‘ in ‘Born On The Fourth of July, ‘ Kevin Costner in ‘JFK, ‘ Val Kilmer in ‘The Doors’ and every actor has probably given their best performance with Oliver Stone, Douglas told Sunday People.

Because, whether it is his Vietnam mentality, he wants you in the furrows with him.

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