Megathread: US Capitol Locked Down as Trump Supporters Clash with Police, Pence Evacuated

Protestors storm Capitol, surround house as Congress satisfies to count Electoral College elections Capitol on lockdown after pro-Trump protesters breach roadblocks The Latest: Trump protesters violate US Capitol The Latest: Lockdown at Capitol as protesters blizzard building fox2 3. com Pro-Trump protesters blizzard US Capitol as lawmakers collect to count electoral referendums Hundreds of Trump supporters breach roadblocks, fight with police outside US Capitol The House and Senate abruptly go into recess after throngs of Trump advocates storm the Capitol building Pence rushed out of Senate chamber as protesters storm Capitol Capitol breached by protesters Protestors storm Capitol, surround house as Congress gratifies to count Electoral College referendums Trump advocates violate Capitol Hill and interrupt congress . Trump supporters breach U.S. Capitol building in’ desperate takeover try ‘ Trump advocates break into Capitol building U.S. Capitol locked down as “March for Trump” protesters violate constructing Congress calls astound recess while certifying Biden’s victory as protestors storm US Capitol Trump advocates clash with police, cyclone Capitol building during Congress’ joint session Trump Supporters Storm the Capitol, Clash With Police The Latest: Trump protesters violate US Capitol Watch live: Pro-Trump protesters breach Capitol, attempt to break into Senate chamber Trump Supporters Are Attempting to Storm the US Capitol Trump Supporters Violently Rioted At The Capitol As The President Demanded The Election Be Overturned Trump Supporters Storm U.S. Capitol, Clash With Police; Staffers Evacuate Trump advocates cyclone the US Capitol building. Entire Capitol is on lockdown . Capitol building evacuated and on lockdown as protestors clash with police and storm past barricades . Congress in recess as protestors breach Capitol building U.S. Capitol On Lockdown As Trump Supporters Storm The Building US Capitol Locked Down As Trump Supporters Attempt To Break Into Building, Police Clash Amid Electoral Vote Count Trump tells rioters to’ bide peaceful’ after goading them into violence as they storm Capitol Trump Supporters Storm Capitol, Clash With Police for’ Save America’ Rally US Capitol breached as Trump supporters clash with police Thousands of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Building, Forcing Lockdown Congress evacuated as pro-Trump protesters cyclone Capitol, halting review of Biden’s electoral victory Protesters storm US Capitol and halt election debate Trump advocates riot outside U.S. Capitol as Congress debates certified Electoral College Votes Lawmakers evacuating from Capitol after breach Congress live updates: Protests send Capitol into lockdown as McConnell warns of’ death spiral’ for democracy Donald Trump Jr. responds to Trump advocates storming Capitol: “This is wrong” Members of Congress shelter in place amid anxieties protesters may be armed as Trump supporters inundated Capitol Capitol offices evacuated as pro-Trump rioters clash with police on steps and confiscate inauguration stands Rioters storm Capitol after Trump exhorts action, halting declaration of Biden victory Incited by the President, Trump Supporters Violently Storm the Capitol Protesters breach Capitol amid election certification; handguns drawn US Capitol in lockdown as Trump advocates clash with police Rioting Trump Supporters Have Stormed The Capitol Building As The President Demanded The Election Be Overturned DC Mayor Issues 6 p. m. Curfew Following Protests Wednesday U.S. Congress Under Attack, Trump Supporters Enter Capitol Building GOP lawmaker on violence at Capitol:’ This is a coup attempt ‘ Police place US Capitol Building on lockdown U.S. Capitol Locked Down As Far-Right Protesters Enter The Building Reports that guns have been drawn inside the US House of Representatives Members of Congress inside House chamber told by police to put on gas masks after tear gas scattered in Capitol Rotunda Electoral College certification halted amid massive pro-Trump demonstration Pro-Trump protesters blizzard U.S. Capitol as lawmakers debate election results Pro-Trump groups riot at US Capitol, force-out lockdown: Follow live coverage Lawmakers given gas masks as protesters violate US Capitol ‘Shots fired’ heard on police radio as armed Trump supporters riot and storm Capitol Trump Supporters Storm the U.S. Capitol Militia members meet outside the Georgia Capitol as pro-Trump rioters cyclone Washington DC Fox News:’ Peaceful’ MAGA Mob Storming Capitol Is’ Huge Victory ‘ Pro-Trump Rioters Storm U.S. Capitol, Forcing Evacuation of Lawmakers in Chaotic Scene Romney Tells Republican Colleagues’ This is What You’ve Gotten’ as Senate Shelters in Breached Capitol National Guard deployed to clear and secure the Capitol after pro-Trump protesters cyclone building Lawmakers evacuated as protesting rabble cyclones the Capitol Trump advocates breach U.S. Capitol with lawmakers inside Washington DC riots: Woman in’ critical condition’ after being shooting on Capitol grounds Hundreds of Trump advocates protest peacefully outside Capitol in Lansing ‘Arrest the President ‘: Accountability Demanded After Fascist Mob Incited by Trump Storms Capitol Violence erupts at the US Capitol. This is all on you, Republicans Capitol police seen with handguns described in House chamber, in apparent standoff with Trump protesters . The Coup is Here Rudy Giuliani says pro-Trump rioters assaulting US Capitol building are’ on the right side of history ‘ Trump supporters cyclone US Capitol, lawmakers evacuated Woman shot in Capitol after armed Trump supporters blizzard the building as lawmakers gathered to certify Biden’s win 1 person shot as Trump advocates violate U.S. Capitol; DHS agents sent to help quell violence National Guard will head to the Capitol to tamp down pro-Trump insurrection Pence denounces Capitol violence, vows participants will be prosecuted Guns describe inside US Capitol building ‘This is so un-American :’ House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy condemns violent riots in the Capitol on Fox News, corroborates shoots fired inside Lawmakers removed as protesters smash through Capitol’s entryways Florida lawmakers react to Trump-supporting mob storming U.S. Capitol After Trump advocates cyclone Capitol, Rep. Ted Lieu calls for Trump’s immediate removal from office Trump doesn’t ask backers to scatter after storming Capitol Pro-Trump rioters reportedly attempted to storm the Georgia Capitol President Elect Biden calls on Trump to immediately go on television to denounce rioters in US capitol . Pelosi’s office vandalized after pro-Trump rioters cyclone Capitol Biden denounces riots at Capitol, calls on Trump to demand end to siege People are once again calling for Twitter to suspend President Donald Trump’s account as protesters breach the US Capitol Trump doesn’t ask backers to scatter after storming Capitol Mitt Romney chides Republican:’ This is what you’ve gotten ,’ as pro-Trump rioters breached the Capitol building, interrupting the election certification Trump tells Capitol rioters to’ going to go’ but still calls the election stolen Biden denounces’ unprecedented assault’ on republic after pro-Trump protesters blizzard U.S. Capitol Romney blames Trump for instigating’ uprising’ as lawmakers plead with violent rioters to disperse from Capitol’ This is what the president has caused today, this insurrection ,’ Romney reportedly tells reporter Trump doesn’t ask backers to disperse after storming Capitol GOP lawmaker on protesters storming Capitol:’ I have not seen anything like this since I deployed to Iraq ‘ President Trump Just Used Social Media To Attempt A Coup – While violent supporters stormed the Capitol, Donald Trump cheered them on using the last tool he has: the internet . Biden tells Trump to’ step up’ as protesters storm Capitol; Trump tells supporters to’ go home ‘ brooklyn.news1 2. com Pro-Trump protesters blizzard the US Capitol building – in paintings Pence Breaks With Trump Moments Before GOP Mob Storms U.S. Capitol Complex DC mayor issues a 6 p. m. curfew as Pro-Trump protesters breach the Capitol building Biden Slams Pro-Trump Riots in Capitol:’ It’s Not Protest, It’s Insurrection ‘ National Guard heading to Capitol amid violent riot protesting Trump’s election loss Trump Puts Out Video While Protesters Storm Capitol, Saying He Loves Them but’ Go Home ‘ Calls grow for social media platforms to silence Trump as rioters blizzard US Capitol In Pictures: Pro-trump mob cyclones US Capitol building Trump-Incited Violence and Chaos Hit Capitol Hill Pro-Trump rioters reportedly attempted to storm the Georgia Capitol Republicans plead with Trump to denounce violent mob that breached the Capitol — He instead released a video message legitimizing their conspiracy hypothesis . The storming of Capitol Hill was organized on social media . Explosive device’ detected and destroyed’ at Republican Party Headquarters ‘ Improvised explosive device found at Capitol Explosive device found at RNC; DNC evacuated: report Calls to impeach Trump, again, for’ inciting’ Capitol riots For those of you comparing these protests to Boston 1773, take a look at these images and tell me how this is patriotic to you? That is The Capitol Building . ‘It’s insurgency ,’ Biden says, as Trump supporters blizzard U.S. Capitol Videos show pro-Trump protesters storming U.S. Capitol Ilhan Omar Drawing up Impeachment Articles Against Trump After Mob Storms Capitol

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