Madonna and Aphex Twin attain final musical contributions to US election

Madonna is set to perform an acoustic gig in Brooklyn in support of , while Aphex Twin has made an apocalyptic election-themed video as continues to attack Jay Z and Beyonce

Its been a presidential campaign which has ensure the music world taking sides with Loretta Lynn, Kid Rock and a crotch-grabbing Ted Nugent endorsing Donald Trump, and pretty much every other musician who carried a view hurling their weight behind either Bernie Sanders or the eventual Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Madonna has been one of the most vociferous Hillary Clinton advocates, and announced on Instagram that on Monday night she would play an intimate very small acoustic concert somewhere in Brooklyn for Clinton. Further details have not been released.

In another recent post, Madonna proclaimed: If Trump were elected we would be at war in no time at all. The whole world is laughing at us right now. I can only imagine what Trump writes in his emails. Wait – can he even write ?? Wake up people this is not a reality depict. I appreciate his charm and entertainment value but he is not qualified to be a head of state!

This is not Madonnas first intervention in a US . In 1990 she made a video promoting fans to vote, dressed in lingerie while wrapped in the stars and stripes.

Meanwhile, in a more equivocal contribution, Aphex Twin also commented on the US election with a video to promote his first appearance in the country in over eight years, at Houstons Day for Night festival.

Made by the company Weirdcore, which has constructed visuals for musicians ranging from Miley Cyrus to Radiohead, and approved by the Cornish electronic music titan, the video incorporates sped-up footage from the presidential debates including Trumps notorious line such a nasty woman the candidates faces folded up in Aphex Twins signature visual style. It ends with computerised footage of Aphex Twin-branded bombs falling on Houston.

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