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Leonardo DiCaprio is getting engaged. Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. Rumor has it that he’s scheming on popping the question soon, and I’m v upset about it. After 43 years of being the ultimate bachelor, Leo might be settling down with his new model of the week , Camila Morrone. An insider told Us Weekly that he has ” never loved a girl like this. ” Aw, that’s sweet. Of course, there’s not really any style to judge the accuracy of “insider” reports, but let’s assume this is true. Is Camila Morrone the future Mrs. DiCaprio?

Need a recap on who Camila Morrone is? As we’ve discussed, she’s a 21 -year-old Argentinian model and actress. Yes, you read that correctly, she is 21. Half his age. Actually, NOT EVEN HALF. The two ought to have dating since her high school graduation December 2017, and ought to have photographed various parts of the world together. It’s no astonish Leo fell difficult for her since she falls perfectly into his “type”( model, younger than him ).

So yeah, it induces sense that Leo is very into Camila, because literally who wouldn’t be? I’m happy for Leo, but also some of the details in the Us Weekly report are a little cringey. The source was talking about how Leo is finally ready to settle down, which is not that shocking considering that he’s been an adult human for a one-quarter of a century. Apparently Gisele Bundchen, whom Leo dated from 2000 to 2005, wanted to get engaged, but Leo thought he was too young. Okay, first of all, if you’re dating someone for five years and not willing to discuss marriage, what are you doing? Second, Leo was 31 in 2005. If 31 is “too young” for men to get married now, merely hurl me in front of a moving train.

In the Us Weekly article, the source also says that Leo is” ready to have infants, ” and that “[ Camila] loves having little kids around and wants to have children with Leo. ” She also apparently wants to get married first because she’s” very traditional in that way. ” I believe that all of this is the case, but I’m still not sure I can imagine Leonardo DiCaprio having infants. Whatever, I guess anything can happen.

Will Camila Morrone be Leo’s lasting love? Maybe! To date, neither of them have ever corroborated or commented publicly on “the two countries relations”, but hour will tell. Soon, we might get some sort of announcement, or assure Camila in public rocking the largest ring we’ve ever seen. Sorry dames, but the chance to get with Leo might be gone. I’m not scream, you’re crying.

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