Khlo Kardashian Doesnt Owe Lamar Odom Jack Shit

The reality-TV star has been get unfairly dragged on for not taking care of her distressed( and estranged) husband. “>

Lamar Odom isnt crawling up from rock bottom any time soon.

The ex-NBA player most well known for marrying a KardashianKhlo, to be exactwas reportedly removed from a Delta flight Monday night. Odom, who has opposed an extended battle against substance abuse, was spotted pounding down brews and whisky at LAX before boarding his NYC-bound red-eye. Regrettably, the visibly inebriated Odom couldnt even make it to the bathroom, and threw up in the airplanes galley before returning to his seat in vomit-stained clothes. Flight attendants escorted him off the plane, only for the basketball player to reappear 10 minutes later. After Odom rushed to the bathroom for a second time, he was permanently removed from the plane.

This alarming report comes on the heels of recent relapse rumors. After Odom moved out of the Calabasas home that his soon-to-be ex-wife had set him up in, claims surfaced that Khlo was refusing to pay rent because a crack pipe had been discovered on the $25,000 -a-month property. People countered the allegations, reporting that Odoms decision to get out of township was a personal option: They are divorcing and now that Lamar is doing better, he doesnt feel the need to live next door to Khlo.

Its no secret that Kardashian has been taking care of her estranged spouse for almost a year now, ever since Odom was find unconscious at the Love Ranch South brothel outside of Las Vegas. The former Mrs. Odom first separated from her husband in 2013, after an incoherent video showed a drugged-out Odom boasting about his various mistress. After a brief stint with the Knicks in 2014, Odom was passed over at the end of the season due to a lack of professionalism. Khlo, who didnt have the heart to kick Odom to the curb, staged an intervention that resulted in a brief rehab remain. A few months later, Khlo made good on her various ultimatums, quoting irreconcilable differences in a fresh divorce filing.

But that all changed when Odom was rushed to the hospital, where cocaine and herbal supplements were found in his system, along with alleged way marks on his skin. At her husbands bedside, Kardashian was told that he had four hours to live and stimulate your peace with this, and I was not going to accept that answer. She halted divorce proceedings and nursed Odom through private rehabilitation, insisting that, I still believe in my vows of being there for him.

Kardashians decision to end her romantic relationship with Odom didnt stop her from aiding his recovery in any way possible. Regrettably, it seems that Odoms addiction might be too much for one womanand her unfathomably rich, powerful, and famous familyto take on.

Lamars father, Joe Odom, was a heroin addict; his son has described him as absent ALL of my life due to his own demons. Kardashian stick with her husband through DUIs, rehab, unemployment, and even infidelitynot bad for a couple that famously got married after only one month of dating. Now that their divorce is eventually back on track, its safe to say that Lamar Odoms binges are no longer Khlo Kardashians responsibility.

Of course the internet, that universal moral compass and ethical arbitrator, would beg to differ.

Ever since news broke that Odom was caught in the Calabasas mansion with the cracking tube, Kardashian has inexplicably been accused of facilitating her exs relapse. When one Twitter troll chastised her for running the streets (?) instead of helping her husband, Kardashian removed her metaphorical earrings and tore @Tamantha_5 a new one, tweeting: stay in your fucking lane little girl. You know nothing about anything. Youre a sheep herded by society.

Of course, this tweet only confirms what we already knewKhlo Kardashian aka the one with the good personality is an unapologetic badass who doesnt sweat the haters. Kardashian, who literally wrote the book on appearing hot in the face of adversity, seems pretty unfazed. Still, its interesting that the majority of misguided advisory opinions and fear floating around the Twittersphere is reserved for famous mothers and wives. From Kristin Cavallaris malnourished son to Ciaras bad newborn mama status, everyone seems to have an opinion on how females ought to behave, and the unearned confidence to share their sentiments with the world.

While its easy to confound Kardashians fabricated air of transparency with actual reality, the only people who really know whats going on with Khlo and Lamar are Khlo and Lamar. So until youre in the position of picking up your unconscious hubby from the Love Ranch, you should probably reserve your social media judgement for someone who really deserves it, like or Chris Brown. #LeaveKhloAlone

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