Khlo K Posted A Throwback Pic Of Her And Rob With The Sweetest Message

As much as they want whats best for Rob, theKardashian family isnt super on board with this whole Blac Chyna situation.

Rob Kardashian was always an outsider in the “Keeping Upwiththe Kardashians” universe.

The 28 -year-old brother never took to the spotlight in the same style his sisters did, a fact often exaggerated by his struggles with depression and weight gain.

He made improvements in his life, though, since he started dating makeup guru Blac Chyna.

Hes been ensure around town hitting the gym, he reportedly hired a personal chef to assist him deal with his problems with foodand he was even spottedon social media smiling like his old self.

But, hasBlac Chyna actually been good for him? His household doesn’t exactly think so.

Khlo made this very clear, posting a passive Instagram picture of her and her brother last night with the caption,

It’s simple…..I miss you.

A source close to the situation confirmed aclear rift, tellingUs Weekly,

Khlo feels majorly betrayed by Rob after she always stuck up for him. She feels like this is a major blow to the family. Nobody in the family likes it.

Can’t we all only get on ?!

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