Kevin Hart& His Wife Spark Outrage By Throwing Son ‘Cowboys& Indians’ Themed Party – Perez Hilton

Kevin Hart may have won his style back into his wife’s good graces, but now he’s in trouble with a much less forgiving force: the internet.

The Night School star and his wife Eniko Parrish sparked Instagram outrage over the weekend by throwing their son Kenzo a “Cowboys and Indians” themed party for his first birthday.

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Parrish posted the photos from the bash on Thursday, sharing several cute shots of their little one in a cowboy hat, cow-print gasps, and a bandanna.

But she also shared pics of a teepee-topped cake and guests of all ages dressed in Native American-inspired blankets — which prompted many to ring the cultural appropriation alarm. Plenty of adherents slammed the mothers, writing remarks like:

” Cowboys and Indians? Can you not afford a publicist who would explain the reality[ of] such a terrible idea ?”

” Hey, let’s play Nazis and Jews for next year’s bday party”

” I lost respect for you on this one. There is millions of other topics you could of[ sic] choice but you had to pick this sensitive topic. Its too bad that you dont see it to be hurtful and distasteful to our people .”

But others tried to turn the dispute into a teachable moment:

” My household is American Indian and comes from a long line of men and women continuing to advocate for equality for all people. Training people who are unaware of our heritage should be our number one priority. And while my initial reaction was anger, the only way to have a conversation is to approach it from a place of meeknes. A first birthday party is a big deal. I don’t think this was done to offend … But to have fun .”

Does this look like harmless fun to you? See the pics( below) and sound off in the comments.

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A few of his LA titis ..

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