Kanye West Goes On Furious Twitter Tirade About Those Taylor Swift Lyrics

Kanye West is having one hell of ayear .

First, hewent on an incredible Twitter tiradeafter mistakenly thinking that Wiz Khalifa had insulted his wife Kim. Then, he went on another incredible Twitter denunciation, after Puma tried to’ divide’ his family, offering his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner a fairly hefty deal.

Now, yes – you’ve guessed it: he’s gone on anincredible Twitter tirade, this time in defence of his lyric, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ Why? I constructed that b* tch famous.

A spokesperson for Taylor spoke out against the lyric, saying she wasn’t aware of it, and had cautioned Kanye against releasing a song with such a misogynist message. She’s had her fair share of support from friends, fans and family, with her brother Austin posting a video of himself hurling his yeezys in the bin, and hordes of her celeb buddies tweeting to criticise the anthem 😛 TAGEND Well, Kanye claims that Taylor was aware of the lyric- that some of it was even her notion- and he’s taken to Twitter to defend themselves 😛 TAGEND

He finished his ranting with this 😛 TAGEND Oh Kanye ..

Image Credits: The Mirror

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