Is Us Weekly Saying #FuckTrump To Its New Pro-Trump Owner ??

One last hurrah!

As we reported earlier this month, Us Weekly was bought by American Media, Inc ., whose Chairman and CEO David Packer is a big Donald Trump advocate! AMI also owns The National Enquirer which has been running Several pro-Trump tales in the past few months.

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On Thursday, the celebrity news publication reportedly laid off 40 employees including Editor-in-Chief Michael Steele.

Before the bloodbath resulted, the encompas of its latest issue — dated April 3, 2017 — was released and its hard not to find an anti-Donnie message!

The cover story — about Melania Trump and her husband having marital problems — could possibly be a huge “fuck you” to AMI, Packer, and his conservative notions. Perhaps staffers knew the end was near and wanted to go out in a flame of glory!

Either way, the news organization will never be the same …

[ Image via Us Weekly .]

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