Is it cos I is wack? The rise and fall of Sacha Baron Cohen

He gave us Ali G, Borat and fermented pony urine, all on the way to establishing himself as the monarch of shock slapstick. But his latest , Grimsby, is a huge flop. Where did it all go wrong?

Earlier this year, I find Grimsby, the new movie by Sacha Baron Cohen, at the Cineworld above my local shopping mall. It had only come out that day, so the audience was big for a weekday afternoon. Not that big, though: I counted seven of us. There were a few scattered chuckles, and the comic centrepiece a scene best described as elephant bukkake brought yelps of hysteria. Largely, however, there was stillnes. Some hour before the end, a phone went off. Its owned left to answer it. I heard him at the door as the movie played on. Dont worry its shit, he told. Insure you in Foot Locker.

This was Britain. A fortnight afterwards, Grimsby opened in the US , now retitled The Brother Grimsby. It didnt assistance. In both countries, the movie the histories of lumpen rowdy Nobby Butcher, played by Baron Cohen, and his secret agent friend demonstrated wildly unpopular. The budget was never officially released, but initial reports set it at $60 m( 32.2 m ). Box office returns were clearer. To date the movie has stimulated 5m in Britain and $6.7 m in the US, the kind of numbers at which heads voluntarily detach and present themselves for rolling. In risk-averse modern cinema, for a studio movie to bomb like this is quite an event. For Baron Cohen, the low may have come when industry analyst Jeff Bock told the Reporter: Im not saying he needs to join Adam Sandlers posse at Netflix, but

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