Is Hiddleswift simply an elaborated hoax?

When images emerged of Taylor Swift canoodling with actor Tom Hiddleston a mere two weeks after her split from Calvin Harris, the budding romance was met with no shortage of elation and side-eyeon Twitter.( Also, some bizarre ham sandwich analogies .)

The pair have since been spotted on many romantic outings. In fact, they seem to be jet-setting and PD-Aing all around the globe, and news transgressed on Thursday that a proposal may be in the works.

But alongside the apparently never-ending render of lovey-dovey paparazzi photos of the duo, a fascinating conspiracy hypothesi has emerged. Could it be that Hiddleswift is truly only an elaborated hoax?

Well, this definitely induces sense. Many fans think something is up.
Lets take a look at the facts.

It seemed like something was decidedly up when Hiddleston sported a I T.S. T-shirt as well as a heart-shaped tattoo bearing the pop starrings initials to Swifts Fourth of July bash in Rhode Island.

The behavior did seem over-the-top, to say the least.

And a bit more like a scene from a movie, or a music video, than anything youd actually are presented in real life.

The icing on the patriotic cake was Ryan Reynolds apparent suffering at spending the holiday weekend with the allegedly genuine couple. Was he weary of their love, or only the faade?

A photo posted by Britany LaManna (@ britmaack) on Jul 5, 2016 at 12:11 pm PDT

But why the hoax? Why would Swift, who is notoriously smitten with her fans, troll the die-hard Swifties?

Some are saying its possible Swift is preparing a Lemonade -style visual album. Swift is due for a new album. Swift has traditionally fell one every two years, and this fall will mark the two-year anniversary of 1989 s release.

If so, the romance would be the perfect centerpiece, sending up the paparazzi’s obsession with Swift and her loversby creating a paparazzi obsession.

And that Fourth of July bash? Could be it was a stunt for a teaser-style music video to promote the album? Remember when Swift released Shake it Off in late August of 2014? This could be the visual backdrop to another feel-good pop hit to get us amped for the new album.

And, eventually, it seems like Swift and Hiddleston are revisiting key moments from prior relationships, from gratifying Hiddlestons family in low-key country gear laher Connor Kennedy days, to wearing the same blue dress she sported when she was smitten with Harry Styles, to splashing about in the waves like she did with former beau Calvin Harris. The similarities are uncanny.

So could it be? Is Swift actually trolling us all?

Time will tell. But this is our favorite hypothesi of all.

Yep, thats the one. Nailed it.

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