How Much Money Are ‘Bachelor’ Alums Making On Instagram?* Betches

Real talk: we’re all a lil jelly when it comes to the thousands of dollars to be made by peddling random products on . If you’re a former or Bachelorette contestant and you’re approached to push some laxative tea, sunglasses, or hair vitamins, how much can you ACTUALLY attain? Like, do you need to go back to work as a social media participant or a venture capitalist/ chicken ever again? Or can you sustain yourself off of Instagram posts alone? We did the research. Here’s how much companies can pay for sponsored content on Instagram.

How Much Per Year

Generally speaking, according to Forbes and Cheatsheet, Instagram users with more than 100,000 followers can get around$ 5k for a sponsored post. That means that someone like Lauren Bushnell, who has over 1 million adherents and the personality of a doorknob, can get about $50 k for ONE GODDAMN “influencer post.” Lol hang on, lemme get a bottle of vodka.

Even more disturbingly, MediaKix actually looked into how much influencers like sexy newborn voice Amanda “I swear I love my children” Stanton and Ashley “I married my dreaming werewolf” Iaconetti can make over the course of a year on sponsored Instagram posts. Hold on to your butt, cause it’s suggested that “those with higher numbers( followers) are earning upwards of $888 k-1. 33 M.” Lemme run find my will to live real fast.

PICTURED: A brain trust .

To proved the point that yes, that’s possible and horrible, Jade and Tanner of Bachelor in Paradise notoriety made around ONE MILLION DOLLARS in 2016 thanks to their blended accounts( more than 1 million followers) and their sponsored posts for Hallmark and HelloFresh. How much each post pays or how much those companies paid out wholly isn’t public knowledge yet( until I tap their telephones … remain tuned ).

” you’ll pay us how much LOL SOLD “

One Instagram photo for FabFitFun or Fit Tea or whatever is one thing, but if a Bachelor alum choose to do a sponsored campaign, or series of posts, they can make up to $150 k. So, when you start considering Becca K with a lot of pics of the same sunglasses or super yummy energy drinks or whatever, be alerted. She’s racking up the big bucks for wearing/ drinking/ posing with that sh* t.

Which Companies Should I Start Promoting?

So which are the most popular for paying washed up D-list celebrities v important reality stars the bucks? Diff Eyewear is a big one and has become the Insta sponsor slut of franchise. Everyone from Ben Higgins to Ashley I to Jojo to Jubilee has been seen wearing these frames. SugarBearHair Vitamins are also a popular one for beachy-waved betches to sell to the masses. Of course, there’s also all the laxative teas and our fav, FabFitFun–a box of secrets.

my illustrative analogy for insta rn

Again, “there isnt” decide prices for what Diff Eyewear and others may pay a particular Bach alum, but we can assume that the formula is$ 2-5k based on 100 k followers and$ 5-10k based on closer to 1M adherents. It’s also based on what the Bach alum demands they’re worth. Like, I assume that Becca K may be more shivering working in cooperation with than Nick Viall, who held the entire franchise captive for years. But that’s just my personal feeling.

The funniest proportion, I believe( but I have a weird sense of humour ), is that the influencers can totally deleted the #ads after a situate quantity of hour. They’ll still be able to build a small swimming pool of money in their perfectly maintained backyards, but they don’t have to live with the shame of scrolling back and remembering that time they pushed tea that constructs your butt leak.

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