Here’s How Olivia Jade Is Reportedly Managing The College Scandal* Betches

It’s been weeks since news of the celebrity college admissions scandal transgressed, and it’s still one of the biggest stories in the news. While I’m not surprised that any of this stuff was happening behind closed doors, the scandal has still been shocking for different reasons. First of all, I never thought I would be this invested in the life of a teenage YouTuber. I detest to admit it, but I care deeply about what’s going on with Olivia Jade. In the past couple of weeks, there have been dozens of narratives and rumors going around about Olivia and their own families, and it’s tough to keep track of what’s going on. Let’s do our best to run through the most important point Olivia Jade tales that have been going around.

First off, Olivia allegedly isn’t talking to her mothers,and is staying with her model boyfriend, Jackson Guthry. Olivia’s friends are apparently advising her to reconnect with her mothers, because they maintain that Aunt Becky and Mossimo were just trying to do what’s best for her. I feel like if her mothers genuinely wanted to do what’s best for her, they made a few small missteps. Like, perhaps they should’ve let her develop a run ethic on her own, and also maybe they shouldn’t have committed misdemeanours that would end up humiliating her publicly and ruining her career. But then again, her mommy does duck face in images, so maybe she went to the Regina George’s Mom School of Parenting, and just didn’t know any better. She likely paid half a million dollars to get in there, too.

Olivia’s own friends might be the only ones who are supporting Olivia’s mothers, because her parents’ friends are reportedly distancing themselves because they’re” so disgusted .” Um, I’m sorry, but buying your kids a college degree “re a long way from” the biggest scandal in Hollywood. I wonder if all these rich people were as quick to react when their friends got #MeToo’d. But Danny Tanner is standing by their side, and I’m sure Uncle Joey is too. I bet they think the whole thing is despicable, but based off Full House , they’ll take whatever they can get in terms of friends. John Stamos has yet to make an official statement, and the Olsen twins probably don’t remember who Lori Loughlin is.

It’s reported that Olivia feels like she’s a victim in the situation. Look, the way society runs these days is that every week, we find a new witch to burn at the stake for the sake of entertainment, and to feel better about ourselves. Right now, Olivia and her mothers are said witches. I’m sure a lot of people would disagree that she’s a victim, but she didn’t even want to go to college in the first place–her mothers actually stimulated her do it. She wanted to focus on her beauty brand, and is now losing deals left and right.Love her or dislike her, she actually worked to build her brand, and now she’s watching it crumble. If she really didn’t know what her mothers were doing, I actually sort of buy that she’s a victim here.

Olivia and her sister have also reportedly fell out of USC because of “bullying.” I entirely buy this, because I would probably do the same thing if I was in their situation. USC said they were resolving whether or not the students involved in the scam should stay or go on a “case-by-case” basis, but they are claiming these girls haven’t dropped out …? Wait, what? So my guess is that Olivia Jade and Bella leaving is more of a” You can’t fire me because I cease !!” scenario to save face.

The media is also doing whatever they can to unearth past info on Olivia and Bella( oh, that’s her sister we keep forgetting about, BTW !). Bella apparently was on the lower spectrum of the average expectations for students admitted to USC but there’s no word on Olivia’s grades. However, this rando YouTuber said she went to the same school as Olivia Jade for ONE WHOLE WEEK, and while they never spoke at all, she’s pretty sure Olivia didn’t do that well if she was off constructing videos and mingling at NYFW instead of doing six hours of homework every night. Okay, cold. There’s no way you were actually doing six hours of homework every night in . Let me just say again that this chick never even speaking on Olivia Jade. Does breathing the same air as a celeb mean that you’re an accurate resource for their personal life? If so, remain tuned for my upcoming YouTube video where I talk about whether or not Kylie will be friends with Jordyn again, because one time my cashier at Urban Outfitters modeled with them for Yeezy, so I apparently have the authority to talk about it.

So we don’t really know about Olivia’s high school accomplishments, but she did say on a radio show that she loves when teenagers DM her for advice on applying to college. First off, young, impressionable, innocent daughters, here’s your college admissions life hack: TALK TO YOUR COLLEGE COUNSELORS, NOT A YOUTUBER MAJORING IN COMMUNICATIONS . While this is distressing, I’m more surprised that Olivia actually reads those DMs. I thought they’d be lost amongst requests from guys who live in their moms’ basements berating her lookings or asking questions feet pics, but I guess she actually assures( and reads ?!) those DMs from her fans. I can barely bring myself to respond to people from my college or randoms messaging me on LinkedIn trying to~ network ~. Either she’s a really good samaritan who would deign to give BS college advice( which I doubt) or she doesn’t even engage with said DMs but is trying to construct herself look relatable and wholesome by saying she’s DMing these fans.

Since the scandal broke, Olivia and Bella have been lying low–no posts , no paparazzi shots, nada. Bella’s profile is on private, and sources close to Olivia Jade assert she says that she’s also” remaining off social media .” And by” biding off social media ,” I entail she’s probably merely posting narratives using the close friends feature. THE STRUGGLE. My shrink always says to me,” Instagram isn’t reality, it’s just a highlight reel .” But what could Olivia possibly be highlighting right now? She won’t even go out in public. However, her boyfriend’s Instagram comments section is lit with zingers like” How much did Olivia Jade pay you to get in her ?” Maybe be a good boyfriend and turn off the comments for Olivia’s sake, dude.

Sources are also claiming that Olivia Jade’s application for a trademark request get rejected because it had poor punctuation. Um, okay. I believe Olivia filled out that trademark request herself as much as I believe she filled out her own college applications( she didn’t ). She’s said before that she has an assistant( again, WHY do you need college ?), so I’m sure someone else filled out the thing.

Live look at Olivia Jade filling out legal paperwork :

The rejection also said the request was too vague about what beauty products she wanted to hawk. They wanted her to be more specific than just saying ” concealer” and” lip kits .” As someone who uses her thumbs to apply makeup, I don’t see how much more specific you can get, but YouTube beauty gurus are in a league of their own. I’ve seen these makeup tutorial videos. They’re so complex, and involve such finesse that I’m pretty sure these influencers could have been asked to paint the Sistine Chapel if they were alive back then. Meanwhile, I’m wearing mascara from CVS and haven’t bought foundation in like, a year.

Okay, glad we’re eventually all caught up on Olivia Jade. I definitely deserve an edible and a nap after writing an essay that involved more research than Olivia Jade ever did during her time at USC. I’m still impatiently waiting for her or someone from their own families to make a public statement, but until then, rumors and TMZ reports will have to do.

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