Here’s Everything You Require To Know About Vitalii Sediuk, The Asshole Who’s Built A Name For Himself Assaulting People

Last week Gigi Hadid made headlinesfor elbowing Vitalii Sediuk, an unemployed former Ukrainian journalist, in the face after he assaulted her in Milan. Sediuk has made a name for himself “pranking” celebrities at events and red carpets. He reportedly gains access to these events using his credentials from his former job as a journalist in his native Ukraine to get to restricted areas where he then “pranks” aka: assaults and harass celebrities.

Just a week after the Gigi Hadid attack, Sediuk is back in the news for attempting to sexually assault Kim Kardashian as she made her style to the Balmain fashion show in Paris on Tuesday.

According to the Daily Mail, the social media mogul had just exited her auto and was heading to the demonstrate when a man, Sediuk, in a trench-coat snuck up behind her and attempted to kiss or put his face into her butt, as well as come near her skirt. He was dealt with by her security guards before attaining contact.

Kim briefly commented on the attempted assault, commending her security guard for being murderer at his job.

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