Grab Your Popcorn, DeMario Is Doing A TV Interview

Pretty much what the headline says. Grab your popcorn and your best$ 8 bottle of wine, because DeMario Jackson is doing a TV interview. I told you he wasn’t doing but was interested in coming back to television in a different way, and I didn’t think I would be right so soon but here I am. I genuinely didn’t need any more fuel to add to the ever-growing forest flame that is my ego, but whatever, I’m not complaining.

The interview will be with E! News( those lucky motherfuckers ), and plainly he’s talking all about the scandal. Already he told E! the scandal was “stressful” for himself and his mama, who reportedly wept every day since the scandal. I also screamed every day since the news broke, but probably for different reasons.

DeMario’s interview will be a three-part special, and we’re patently going to recap the most important parts the next day so don’t even bother wasting your time on this 180 -minute reputation grab image rehabilitation interview. Aside from that bit about DeMario’s mom, we don’t know a lot about what he’s going to say. Obviously.

Will DeMario fire direct shootings at Corinne? I mean, I doubt itnot the best look for a guy who’s trying to appear less of an asshole on TV than he already has so far. I’m sure he’ll recur his “Corinne is a great girl” stuff and hurl some tint at Warner Bros. I’m also hoping DeMario will finally, once and for all, clear up the nature of his with Lexi. Actually, I’m hoping she’ll make a astound appearance on the interview to try and embarrass him. He may have mailed back her keys( debatable ), but I would bet my life savings that she purposefully left some item of hers at his home just so she could use it as a bargaining chip to see him at a future date. She’ll ring his doorbell, he’ll answer it with a “Oooh, who’s this not this shit again, ” she’ll scream, “I want my pink shirt back! ” and the interview will fade out, to be continued.

I know, I genuinely should work in .

You can catch DeMario’s interview tonight, June 26 and tomorrow, June 27, at 7pm and 11 pm on E! News. Damn, they actually are milking this.

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