Gossip account the Shade Room to launch 3 original series on Instagram


, known for its rumor and celebrity news, is now using social media to shake up the original programming industry. The Instagram account is set to come out with three shows that will air exclusively on Instagram in late 2019, according to Variety reports.

The Shade Room has successfully integrated news and social media by amas 15.3 million adherents who keep up with the Instagram account to be briefed on all the latest celebrity and Black culture news.

The less-traditional outlet is now trying to integrate original programming and social media with three original series, which will be titled Petty Court, Struggle Chef, and F-boy Chronicles.

Petty Court will be a court prove where participants, acting as defendants and plaintiffs, will come forward to hash out any” petty grievances” they may have with each other. The “judge” will be Instagram personality Landon Romano.

Struggle Chef will be a. Some of the participants will include Love and Hip Hop’s Ray J and Joseline Hernandez, as well as Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman.

Lastly, F-Boy Chronicles will be a New York-based, investigative demonstrate all about fuckboys, just like the name implies.

” The objective of the new programming is to give our audience which is something we feel they are lacking ,” Angelica Nwandu, founder of the Shade Room, told Variety.” We want to give them curated digital programming that is tailored to their interests .”

Each series will consist of four to five, 10 to 15 -minute long episodes.

The indicates will be produced by three women: Tarvenia Jones, as well as Nwandu and her sibling, Judith Nwandu. Jones is a decorated showrunner who has previously worked on another court demonstrate series, Divorce Court.

Roommates-which is what the Shade Room calls its audience-will have the ability to contribute their own ideas regarding the shows in the future. The Shade Room caters primarily to Black culture, and the reveals will likely do the same.

” The series reinforce our commitment to providing entertainment that caters to Black culture and allows us to collaborate even more closely with our Roommates, who really make TSR feel like a family ,” Nwandu said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the Shade Room for comment.

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