Fans guess Beyonce is expecting twin sons because of an Instagram


Beyoncposted a pic of herselfthis week that hasthe convinced she’s expecting twin boys, and their reasoning is Easter egg-based.

It all started Tuesday when the singer Instagrammeda collage of herself dressed up for a night out. Nothing too crazy there, right? Celebs show us photos of their outfits all the time! In this particular pic, Knowles is wearing a shimmery black dress with some thigh-high boots and a choker.

A post shared by Beyonc (@ beyonce ) on Mar 14, 2017 at 4:05 pm PDT

But if you get out your magnifying glasses, you might also notice that she’s wearing big silver earrings. Assure them? They’re circular with a geometric zig-zag pattern in the middle. It turns out that Knowles has worn them publicly one time before, and it was inher music video for” If I Were a Boy .” Get it ? Boy . Fans on Twitter are revved up, convinced Knowles’ twins( which are due in May) will be boys 😛 TAGEND

Beyonc has beenknown to build subtle tweaks onstage to reflect what’s happening in her personal life, and her fans never seem to miss a cluewhen it comes to deciphering her infrequent posts, but something tells us the won’t hear anything official aboutthe babies’ genders until Knowles is good and ready.

Not to mention: The ballad is called if I were a son. It’s from a woman’s perspective. So technically by this logic they could just as easilybe twin girls.

Guess the world will simply have to wait and see what happens( like we weren’t going to anyway )!

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