Everybody Hates Donald

More than 63 percent of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Republican Party front-runner Donald Trump. Only half of that number – 31 percent – has a favorable opinion of Trump, the Huffington Post reported in a tracking poll released Thursday.

The results were not based on a poll conducted by a Democratic pollster but on the average of 124 polls from 21 pollsters.

If Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination, Washington Post reporters Philip Rucker and Robert Costa said Thursday, he would become the least-popular candidate to represent either party in modern times.

Three-quarters of women view him unfavorably. So do nearly two-thirds of independents, 80 percent of young adults, 85 percent of Hispanics and nearly half of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents

Unfortunately for Trump, there aren’t as many angry, disenfranchised, white supremacists in the United States for him to win the presidency.

Trump’s numbers are particularly low among certain demographic groups, including Mexicans, who Trump referred to as drug dealers, criminals, and rapists in his speech announcing his presidential candidacy. He has vowed to deport millions of Mexicans and to build a wall between the country and the United States and force Mexico to pay to build it. .

I love the Mexican people,” Trump says.

If so, Trump’s love is an unrequited one.

A February 26 Washington Post-Univision News survey found that 80 percent of Hispanic registered voters have an unfavorable view of Trump – and 72 percent has a “very unfavorable” view of him.

Trump also has antagonized women by calling them “fat pigs” and “slobs,” as Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly referenced in a GOP debate.

Trump defended himself by calling Kelly “sick,” “overrated” and “crazy.” He referred to GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina by saying, “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?”

On March 23, Trump compared a photo of his wife, Melania Trump, a onetime model with that of Heidi Cruz, the wife of his rival, Ted, with the snarky tweet: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Trump’s campaign manager Casey Lewandowski was charged on March 29 with assault for grabbing a female journalist.

If there’s a war between women and himself, Trump says women are to blame.

“Nobody has more respect for women than Donald Trump,” he said in another tweet.

Nearly half of Republican female primary voters, however, said they could not imagine themselves voting for Trump, according to a Huffington Post poll released on March 25.

If half of the women in your own party cannot imagine voting for you, you’re likely to have a problem with the largest bloc of voters in the country.

Nearly 70 percent of all women have an unfavorable opinion of Trump.

A new Reuters poll shows that 50 percent of all women voters have a “very unfavorable” view of Trump, the conservative website Townhall reported on March 18.

Trump also is unpopular among voters under the age of 35.

The Townhall story reports that Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton would defeat Trump 2-1 among young white voters, 4 to 1 among young Hispanic voters, 5 to 1 among younger Asian-American voters, and 13 to 1 among younger African-American voters.

The news, however, is not all bad for Trump.

The Atlantic Monthly reported in early March that Trump has strong support among uneducated, disenfranchised white voters who live in areas of the country where there is festering racial resentment.

The Ku Klux Klan loves Donald Trump.

In late February, former KKK grand dragon David Duke called on white supremacists to vote for Trump.

Finally, there’s a demographic group out there who likes Trump.

But this put Trump in a tough spot. If he embraces the klan, he antagonize some of his other supporters. If he rejects the klan, he antagonizes his base.

What’s a demagogue to do?

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