Even Hillary Clinton Has An Sentiment On Kim Kardashian’s Armed Robbery

Even presidential candidate Hillary Clinton feelings for Kim Kardashian after the terrifying theft that took place at Kims hotel in Paris, France earlier this month.

In an interview with Extra reporter AJ Calloway on Wednesday, the secretary of state expressed her concern and told,

I felt really bad for her.

Its hard not to feel bad for the mommy of two, after she had $10 million worth of jewelry stolenfrom her while she was tied up, gagged and held at gunpoint.

The democratic nomineealso commented on Kanyes dedication to his family, proven when he stopped a show in after hearing the news.

Her husband was in the middle of the concert and he ran offstage, bless his heart. Its horrible. Im merely glad nobody was hurt.

After hearing the news, Kanye canceled and rescheduled two of his tour dates to be with his family.

While no one was harmed during the incident, Kim was understandably left seriously shaken.

Shes been absent from social media, which is candidly unbelievably bizarre for her shes constantly updating us on her life normally. However, we can imagine she feels the need for more privacy following the robbery.

According to Kims best friend Jonathan Cheban, the Selfie author still isnt doing great.

Im sure the support of all of her fans, as well as the support of , means a lot to her, especially because many are accusing the Kardashians of fraud. Ugh.

Kim recently endorsed the former First lady on her website. The two actually run way back. Just check out some of the epic selfies they have together.

French police are still investigating this case. We can only hope Kim will feel comfortable enough to return tothe world of social media soon.

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