Estella Brons Is Your New Eyebrow Spirit Animal

Estella Brons

During a recent scroll through Instagram, an image of model Estella Brons stopped us in our tracks—all thanks to her two bountiful, beautiful, bushy brows. The face-framing bristles are often brushed upward, and have made cameos on runways from Prada to Hermès. And though they’ve been bleached several times for those runway beauty moments, they still retain their thicket-like volume.

But Brons’s brows weren’t always so lush: In her teens, she had her share of battles with the tweezers. “Nobody had [brows] then,” she says. “I plucked them really bad, like super thin, so I looked super ugly! I thought it was better like that. Later on, I stopped and it all grew back.” And now that the 21-year-old has graduated from the over-grooming of her younger years? She prefers to keep her mini coifs au naturel with minimal upkeep, “plucking just the middle,” she says, adding that she also swears by Urban Decay’s Brow Tamer gel, “just to keep them not so wild.” Our brow #goals have officially been taken up a notch.

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Photo: Courtesy of Estella Brons / @estellabrons


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