Chrissy Teigen Officially Enters The Great Squad Wars Of 2017

Liking Ed Sheeran outside the safety of the hopefully soundproof walls of one’s home is apparently a controversial act in 2017. Despite the singer’s widespread popularity, he’s become an internet punch bag of late due to his” toxic masculinity” problem, as his nice-guy brand has worn thin for many listeners.

The model sung Sheeran’s kudoes on Sunday night during his performance of” Castle on the Hill” at the Billboard Music Awards.

” Personal sentiment everyone shares: is a good dude ,” the” Lip Sync Battle” host tweeted during the course of its award present.

Teigen’s track record of spot-on Twitter takes is well-documented, so many of her followers did a double-take when she publicly aligned herself with the singer.

Sheeran is also — dun dun dun — on team Taylor Swift, another often-criticized singer. And although he’s been a card-carrying are part of Swift’s squad ever since she’d tried to become a Kennedy back in 2012, Teigen hasn’t exactly been the biggest fan of the “1989” vocalist. She called Swift’s not-so-subtle dig at the 2016 Grammys” very uncomfortable .”

Regardless, Teigen’s mentions promptly devolved into a dumpster flame of feuding fandoms who tried to drag her into one squad or another. But if we’ve learned anything about Teigen over the years it’s that she’s not about let anyone — let alone faceless Twitter trolls — tell her what to think.

” Squad people are bonkers. You can like multiple humans ,” she tweeted.

Of course, that only built their own problems worse, so Teigen get real and reminded everybody that she likely has a more informed opinion on the matter given that she’s met all of these people IRL.

” Oh I’m sorry I’ve actually met these people but yeah your favorite is better than anyone, ever ,” she added.

Never change, Chrissy.

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