Chrissy Metz Is Off The Market! – Perez Hilton

Chrissy Metz has herself a new human!

The 38 -year-old This Is Us superstar has officially been dating 25 -year-old composer Hal Rosenfeld for “a few months now,” according to a source.

The pair was spotted holding hands during a night out at the W Hollywood on Sunday, November 11, which prompted some of debates about whether they were an item — and sure enough, yep, you bet they are!

A source spoke to Us Weekly about the pairing, saying( below ):

“They’ve been dating for a few months now. He is such a sweet guy and everyone around Chrissy really likes him. He adores her and she is really into him as well.”


And as you can see from an earlier Instagram post( below ), Chrissy and Hal have been having fun and making memories together for quite some time( below ):


So happy for Chrissy and her new man !!!

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