Chelsea’s Louise: I forgot my body

Louise Thompson from Made In Chelsea was affectionately known on the E4 structured reality series as “Porg”.

( Person of Restricted Growth .)

But what the reality star absence in height she more than attains up for in personality – a factor that has kept her popular with viewers since she joined the depict for its second series in 2011.

While she may never have been far from drama on screen, behind the cameras, Thompson says she has become considerably more sensible over the last two years.

“I altogether neglected my body, ” she tells BBC News. “I used to smoke … I used to eat a lot of pizza because I was drinking a lot as well, so I was always hungover.”

Her book deal, when it was announced, was greeted with scepticism from some quarters. Grazia accused her of jumping on the “influencer” bandwagon.

But, Thompson argues: “Over the last couple of years I’ve made a lot of changes to myself, really simple but fundamental changes, and I’ve totally transformed as a person.

“People probably wouldn’t have looked at me and believed, ‘Oh you’re truly out of shape’, but it’s not just the physical alters that I’ve made, it’s the mental changes too.”

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Such alters have led to the release of Thompson’s first volume – a mixture of recipes and workouts called Live Well With Louise.

“When I first started writing it, about nine months ago, I wrote a 40,000 -word manuscript with lots of anecdotes and my whole life story, so it’s had to be whittled down a lot, ” she explains.

The 28 -year-old is an advocate of a balanced diet and lifestyle, with everything in moderation. Anyone who follows her on social media will know she’s partial to the occasional burger.

“I’ve never stuck to a diet – I’m all about balance, I love food, ” she says.

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