Charlie Sheen under investigation by elite LA stalking division, tell police

Police declined to identify the victim, but signs point to ex-fiancee who sued Sheen in December for assault and failing to disclose HIV-positive status

Los Angeles police told Wednesday that Charlie Sheen was the subject of a criminal investigation headed by sleuths from an upper-class stalking unit.

Officer Matthew Ludwig told Sheen was listed as a suspect in a criminal investigation report received on 31 March. The officer declined to detail the allegations or identify the alleged victim, but he told sleuths from government departments Threat Management Unit have obtained a search warrant in the case.

The celebrity news site RadarOnline reported Wednesday that it had been served a subpoena from Los Angeles police for a 35 -minute audio recording purportedly of Sheen, that includes Sheen threatening his ex-fiancee Scottine Ross. She performed in porn films under the name Brett Rossi and is suing Sheen for having sex with her without disclosing he is HIV positive.

We believe the search warrant is illegal and infringes federal and nation statute prohibiting the use of search warrants against media companies who are reporting news and datum, Dylan Howard, editor in chief of The National Enquirer and editorial director of, wrote in a statement.

There was no immediate remark from Sheens lawyer and publicist.

Threat Management sleuths analyse serious stalking and criminal menaces suits, although often the celebrity, legislator or other dignitary is the victim.

Ross sued Sheen in December for assault, battery and intentional imposition of emotional distress claims. Her suit states she and Sheen had sex five times before the actor told her he was HIV positive, and that the actor repeatedly threatened to kill her during their relationship, which ended in 2014. She also accused Sheen of physical abuse, including kicking her on the ground during one incident.

Although Ross lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, a judge is ruled that it is up to a private arbitrator to decide how it will be resolved.

The Two and a Half Men star publicly disclosed he was HIV positive on the Today show in November, but he said he disclosed his status to all his sex partners. He also vowed during the course of its appearance that he would not pay to settle any claims from sex partners claiming he uncovered them to the virus that causes Aids.

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