Charlie Sheen Is Under Criminal Investigation By The LAPD

The LAPDhave confirmed that their “elite stalking unit” iscurrently investigating Charlie Sheen .

While they wouldn’t officially disclose the exact cause of the investigation, police sources told The LA Times that it’s based on claims made byScottine Ross- Charlie’s ex-fiance- that he threatened her.

In a civil lawsuit filed last year, Rossi- a former porn superstar- claimedthat Sheen abused her: hitting her, kicking her, holding a gun( unloaded) to her head and forcing her to get an abortion.

She reportedly has Sheen on tape, confessing that he had initially lied about his HIV status and threatening to have her killed 😛 TAGEND

“[ Scottine] needs to be f* cking interred. Id instead expend 20 grand to have her head kicked in.”

Now, the police seem to be investigating these claims. In a warrant( be given to Radar, who seem to be in possession of the audio tape that could back up Scottine’s claims) they said 😛 TAGEND

“Ross reported that on several occasions Sheen had brandished pistols at her and threatened their own lives. Ross stated that she did not report the violence and abuse at the time the incidents resulted, as she feared for her safety and was under Sheens control.”

Sheen’s manager responded to news of the investigation, saying that he was looking forward“to the LAPD looking into the audiotape and once and for all exonerating Charlie Sheen in yet another attempt at extortion Hopefully we will see him back on TV build people laugh, which is what he does best.”

H/ T Washington Post

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