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It’s hard to keep up with all the these days. There are countless feud between singers who dislike each other that we are all aware of( hi Cardi B and Nicki Minaj ). But there are some who detest each other that do so in a more tasteful private way. Ever suppose performers truly aren’t that good at their task? Well, there are a bunch of co-stars who can’t stand one another and you’ll be shocked when you find out. I apologize in advance for maybe ruining your favorite movies or displays when you learn about these celebrities who hate each other. Whoops.

1. Rachel McAdams Ryan Gosling

This one broke my heart. Apparently, when they first started filming The Notebook the chemistry was not there. Gosling even asked the director to replace McAdams but instead, the two were forced into a couples therapy conference. LOL. This ended up running because their acting in the movie is v compelling and the two even went on to date on and off for four years after filming.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes

During the filming of Romeo+ Juliet , Danes received DiCaprio to be immature and avoided him at all cost when they weren’t in scenes together. DiCaprio was 21 while Danes was 17 at the time. She didn’t like that he would prank others on situate,while he reportedly thought she was uptight. I guess it’s true when they say girls ripen faster than boys.

3. Mariah Carey and Everyone

Carey has a reputation of being a diva. And the celebrity feud she is involved in are endless. The listing includes Nicki Minaj, J.Lo, Demi Lovato, and likely continues to grow as we speak.

4. Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera

This one is rather one-sided. After Osborne said, referring to Aguilera, ” Maybe she is just becoming the fat b-ch she was born to be. I don’t know .” Fat shaming is never cool. Although this duo has a long history of snarking remarks to one another, Aguilera bided quiet in this specific instance. Only day will tell if this conflict will continue.

5. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall

Ugh. It’s v depressing to know that your fav BFFs on TV are actually part of the list of celebrities who dislike each other. That said, Parker and Cattrall have been pretty public about their* lack of* friendship. In February, Cattrall posted to her Instagram( watch post here) to call Parker out for being a fake friend and to tell her to leave her alone after her brother’s death. Ouch. Fans, including myself, were devastated to learn about this feud, especially since that meant no third movie.

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