Calvin Harris Hung Out With Kim K And It’s Obvious What They Talked About

Just a week after Kim Kardashian exposed Taylor Swift, she found herself hanging out with the singer’s ex at a party in Vegas.

No, it wasn’t the #KimExposedTaylorParty, even though having one of those in real life would probably be hilarious. It was actually JLo’s 47 th birthday bash.

And because the circle of Hollywood superstars is pretty much one big high school, a whole bunch of celebrities were there, including Kim and Calvin, who were pictured together in this Instagram post from French Montana.

A source told Us Weekly,

Kim and Calvin did talk and interact, smiling and chatting for a while.

Now, besides that quote being the least-detailed kind of sourced datum, it does confirm one thing, which make it easy to jump to a super reasonable conclusion.

They obviously “was talkin about a” Taylor Swift. I entail, how could they not, right?

One of them set social media on fire on a Sunday night by releasing an incriminating video about Swift. The other threw so much shade at the vocalist the sun still can’t find her.

What the hell else were they going to talk about? How much Calvin likes Kanye’s music?

Nah, we have every reason to believe they talked about Taylor Swift, which means we have every reason to laugh.

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